2019 - Volume 2 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Intra-operative Detection of Asymptomatic Perforated Copper T- A Case Report

Aastha Raheja, Krishna Agarwal

Page: 58-60

Case Study

Morbid Obesity in Pregnancy

Anjani Dixit, Anju Singh, Monica Vohra Pandit

Page: 77-80

Acute Thoracic Syndrome: Formidable Complication during Pregnancy in the Homozygotic Sickle Cell

Bassowa Akila, Douaguibe Baguilane, Ajavon Dede, Fiagnon Kodjo, Aboubakari Samadou, Akpadza Koffi

Page: 7-12

Opinion Article

Vacuum as Instrument of Choice for Delivery

Shayista Nabi

Page: 61-67

Original Research Article

Pregnancy Outcomes in Placental Abruption in a Tertiary Care Centre in Karnataka

Riya Bhattacharya, A. C. Ramesh

Page: 81-86

Health-related Quality of Life of Women with Gynecological Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy in the University College Hospital, Ibadan

Omolola Lydia, Abiodun, Beatrice Ohaeri, Mustapha Sinmileoluwa

Page: 48-57

Assessment of the Effect of Hormonal Contraceptives on Urinary Tract Infection in Women in Port Harcourt

A. G. Affia, E. G. Nwokah, C. A. Azike, C. K. Wachukwu

Page: 21-27

Carica papaya Leaves Might Cause Miscarriage

Augustine I. Airaodion, John A. Ekenjoku, Emmanuel O. Ogbuagu, Victor N. Okoroukwu, Uloaku Ogbuagu

Page: 68-76

Age at First Birth and Pregnancy Outcomes in Makurdi, Nigeria

A. A. Ornguze, P. O. Abu, P. O. Eka, M. T. Maanongun

Page: 28-35

Experience of Menopause in Couples Living in the Healthcare Area Matete of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Willy Mbama Kumiyele, José Menga Nongo, Emmanuel Buruga Banduni

Page: 97-106

Effects of Propofol Anaesthesia on Thermoregulation, Blood Constituents, Coagulation Indices and Selected Serum Biochemicals and Enzymes in Pregnant Rabbit Model

Khalid Abbas Owish Sukar, Abdalla Mohamed Abdelatif, Etayeb Mohamed Alfaki

Page: 107-126

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